Denise Promotes her Novel

The Secret of Moonshine by Denise Parton

An Urban Fantasy looking for representation

Bronwyn Sterling found herself the moment she became lost.

As an aspiring author Bronwyn never dreamed she would be writing trite, sappy love stories for a traveling drama troupe. She is suffering from a lack of inspiration, resulting in the most severe writer’s block she has ever experienced. The reason -- Bronwyn’s fiancé, Ryan Reese, the fastest rising star in Hollywood, broke off their engagement, leaving Bronwyn cynical and a tad bitter and not at all thrilled about scripting any more love stories. She longs to write a compelling novel. A story she has felt striving to emerge from deep inside of her as far back as she can remember, yet her story is buried under the rubble of disappointment and bitterness.

To add to the rubble of her life, her touring bus breaks down on the way to one of the biggest venues of the summer leaving her stranded in the mysterious town of Moonshine. It is in this peculiar town that Bronwyn meets her soul mate, the secretive and powerful Travis Colton. Then more disappointment….she meets his wife.

Stuck in Moonshine with no way of leaving and staying in the very inn Travis and his wife own Bronwyn decides to use this unplanned sabbatical to try and save her latest ill written script staying as far away from the alluring Travis as she can manage.

While searching for inspiration Bronwyn begins to realize that there is something quite disturbing at play in this peculiar town. There is something secretive and mystifying lurking beyond the borders of the woods. She sets out to find the truth to The Secret of Moonshine. A secret the town has kept hidden for over two-hundred years.

Disclaimer: You will not find vampires or werewolves in Moonshine or anywhere in my novel. Not that they are not compelling, everyone loves a good vampire story, but they are not the Secret of Moonshine. My secret lurking in the woods is something else.